EMS department, town officials feuding over water theft

The EMS chief said commissioners are no longer allowed on their property unless it's an emergency

By EMS1 Staff

GRIFTON, N.C. — An ongoing water dispute between an EMS department and city officials is intensifying.

WNCN reported that Grifton EMS Chief Ervin Harper claims he was accused of stealing water from the town. Commissioner Mike Coles said he was informed that the water meter behind the EMS station was not registering usage. They later discovered that a pipe had been placed around the meter years ago to divert the water. No one noticed because Grifton EMS was not being charged for water due to an oversight.

Harper and other EMS employees are upset about being accused of theft.

“We don’t appreciate being called thieves,” Harper said. “You know we’ve been here 55 years on July 4.”

A commissioners meeting was held and Harper demanded a public apology.

“I have no idea why they’re owed an apology because they were never accused of any wrongdoing,” Coles said.

Harper informed commissioners they are no longer allowed on their property unless it is an emergency. Two paramedics have also quit after feeling disrespected from the town.

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