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Listen: Dispatcher’s response to Richard Sherman call under scrutiny

“You need to stop interrupting me,” dispatcher is heard telling the former Seattle Seahawks’ player’s wife during the emotional 911 call before Richard Sherman’s arrest


Richard Sherman, who has played for 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, was arrested after police said he crashed his car in a construction zone and then tried to break into his in-laws’ home in the Seattle suburb of Redmond, Wash.

Photo/AP/Ted S. Warren

By Jessie Forand

SEATTLE — A dispatcher who answered a call from the wife of former Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman is facing scrutiny for what some call unprofessional conduct.

Kiro 7 shared part of a transcript from the emotional call:

Call operator: “911 what are you reporting?”

Ashley Sherman: “I need officers to my house now, my husband is drunk and belligerent”

Call operator: “Stop, stop, what’s the address? Is there a weapon?”

Ashley Sherman: “We took – no there’s no gun – “

Dispatcher: “Listen to me!”

Ashley Sherman: “I’m saying there are no weapons, ma’am! There are no weapons – “

Dispatcher: “You need to stop interrupting me so I can get the information I need.”

Ashley says Richard was being aggressive and threatening to kill himself, and said that was trying to leave the property in her car.

Ashley Sherman: “He’s sent text messages to people saying he’s going to hang himself. And if the police show up, please don’t shoot is what I’m asking”

About 1 minute and 45 seconds into the call:

Ashley Sherman: “It’s Richard Sherman, like ma’am this is a f****** emergency, I need officers here now!”

Dispatcher: “Listen to me, I’m handling this! You need to stop telling me that!”

According to former King County Sheriff John Urquhart, the dispatcher interrupted Sherman in order to obtain certain information whether weapons were present, if anyone was in immediate danger and so on.

Urquhart said the dispatcher did not violate policy.

The sheriff’s office said it has received complaints and is conducting an administrative review.

Many have criticized the dispatcher’s tone, saying it was “confrontational” and “unprofessional.”

In total, about 45 minutes’ worth of 911 calls about the incident have been released, from Sherman and her sister.

Richard Sherman, 33, was released from jail Thursday following arraignment on charges including domestic violence and criminal trespass, downgraded from felony burglary. CBS Sports reported he was intoxicated and threatening suicide before his arrest.

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