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Code Green Campaign board member nominated for award

The Godiva Chocolate program provides a $10,000 grant to the honoree’s organization

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Code Green Campaign is excited to announce that Fiona Thomas, secretary of Code Green’s board of directors, has been named a finalist for a Lady Godiva Program grant.

The Godiva Chocolate program provides a $10,000 grant to the honoree’s organization. Finalists for the grant are selected because they are “extraordinary women who embody the spirit of Lady Godiva through their attributes of selflessness, generosity and leadership” according to the Lady Godiva Program website.

“It’s an honor to be nominated for something so prestigious,” Thomas said. “I’m thankful that Godiva has a program featuring women doing work in their communities, which is often overlooked.”

Thomas plans to use the grant on behalf of The Code Green Campaign to expand program and speaking opportunities.

Thomas has been nominated in the “Health, Wellness, and Hunger” category and is competing with two other women for a $10,000 grant for their respective organizations. Thomas being selected as the honoree is depending on votes from the public. People who want to support Thomas and The Code Green Campaign can vote for her once per day, each day, until the May 16th deadline. At that time, the woman with the most votes will be deemed the honoree.

Vote now for Thomas and The Code Green Campaign here.