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Virtual reality company creates near-death ambulance experience

“Flat Line” puts users in an ambulance and gives them the point-of-view of someone dying

By EMS1 Staff

LOS ANGELES — A virtual reality concept debuted at a Los Angeles gathering put people in the head of someone having a near-death experience.

SCPR reported that “Flat Line,” a new VR experience, was part of the Scare LA convention. Users lay down on a gurney inside an ambulance and were given a VR headset.

The user then experienced the point-of-view of a woman going through a miscarriage and being left to die in a hospital bed. The woman’s true story was told while a realistic scene was created, including blood seeping from the blanket.

The six-minute demo concluded with the user’s choice of a doctor, scientist or spiritualist commentating on their concept of near-death experiences.

“I won’t lie. I had butterflies when I went in. I’m definitely glad I did,” user Fawn Quinn said.

Co-creator John Schnitzer formed the concept 16 years ago after hearing about his friend’s near-death experience.

“That story we are trying to tell about what happens to you, is better if it’s happening to you, or in first person, so that’s why narratively we went down that road,” co-creator Julian McCrea said.

The company plans to create five more episodes that can be purchased on gaming platforms.