Teen who saved motorcyclist after crash offered EMT scholarship

AMR recruiter James Menor saw Robert Golden’s story on the news and offered him a scholarship to EMT school after graduation

By EMS1 Staff

LAKE WORTH, Fla. — A teen who saved a motorcyclist’s life after a crash was offered a scholarship to attend EMT school.

WPTV reported that James Menor, a recruiter for AMR, saw the story on the news about high school student Robert Golden, who used a tourniquet to save a man’s life after seeing him get hit by a car on his motorcycle.

“We were very impressed by the way that Robert handled himself in such a dire situation," Menor said.

AMR offered Golden a scholarship to attend EMT school after he graduates next year, and said they would hire him when he gets certified.

"We could use a guy like Robert," Menor said. "He fits the mold 100 percent.”

“I’m absolutely speechless about their offer," Golden said.

Menor said Golden’s ability to keep calm in high-stress situations would make him perfect for the job.

"His composure, his courage, his compassion and basically, his quick thinking ultimately saved the man’s life," Menor said. "With that being said, we wanted to make sure that his good deed did not go unnoticed."

Golden said he has some thinking to do before deciding his career choice, but he knows he wants to help people.

"Still lots of thoughts. Paramedic, police, fire department," he said. "I have a few months to decide."

Golden added that he’s been in touch with the man he saved.

"He’s the most caring, selfless person in the world," Golden said. "It’s amazing just to know that he’s OK."


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