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NFL players save man who fell during hiking trip

Max, Christian and Dylan McCaffrey saved Dan Smoker after he fell while climbing down from the top of Castle Rock

By EMS1 Staff

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — Two NFL players, who are also brothers, rescued a man who fell while hiking.

FOX6 reported that San Francisco 49ers player Max McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers player Christian McCaffrey and their brother Dylan jumped into action when they saw Dan Smoker had fallen more than 20 feet while climbing down from the top of Castle Rock with his grandson.

“I thought I heard like the sound of a shoe slipping and somebody saying ‘Oh,’” Smoker’s grandson, Eli, said. “It sounded like my grandpa so I turned around and I saw him hit the ground.”

The McCaffrey brothers, along with their friend Michael Mann, showed up and helped Smoker while calling 911 and comforting Eli.

“One of the McCaffrey brothers was on the phone with 911 … and then Michael was holding and helping my grandpa,” Eli said. “Had they done what other people were doing and just kept walking, I would’ve just been alone.”

The McCaffrey brothers and Mann later visited Smoker at the hospital.

“Just yesterday, the doctor’s went from saying ‘if he recovers’ to ‘when he recovers.’ A lot of that has to do with how he was treated in the very beginning,” Smoker’s son, Dan, said.

Smoker is currently in the ICU in a medically induced coma after suffering a broken leg, neck and several ribs.