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On Day 2 of EMS Week, we are talking education – both for providers and community members
Many providers were inspired by their parents, a close friend and, of course, Johnny Gage and Roy DeSoto
Kelly Grayson: “Paramedics save lives, EMTs save paramedics"; championing the role of EMTs
It’s important to foster effectiveness, professionalism and excellency; as well as core values of human decency, empathy, kindness and respect
Reflecting on how far EMS has come in 50 years
EMS leaders hold the blueprints as we enter the era of evidence-based practices
In the spirit of today’s theme, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable members of the EMS community who go beyond the call every shift
This day’s theme highlights the pediatric clinical care provided by EMS and the need for increased specialized training for our youngest patients
A life-changing moment helped Paramedic/Firefighter Meryah Wilson realize she was equipped to deal with emergencies
Gain confidence in the difference between normal and abnormal breath sounds by auscultating lung sounds on every patient
Every response area has its drawbacks, but all things being equal, what percentage of providers prefer to respond to calls in their own community?
Matt Zavadsky discusses the CMS disclosure and the latest in the move to fund treatment in place
Breaking down some light-hearted and professionally-serious tips to start and build a successful career in EMS
This year marks the 50th recognition of EMS Week, established in 1974 by President Gerald Ford
New labor regulations will increase the salary threshold for overtime exemptions – Steve Wirth shares how this impacts EMS roles
Listen to her extraordinary story of overcoming personal trauma and how obstacle course racing has helped her in her EMS career
EMS personnel across four states were recognized by their peers for dedication, service
Expansion of the pilot program also allows paramedics to administer whole blood
Simplifying the patient assessment process for every patient can reduce variability, lower your stress and improve patient care
A Sonoma County paramedic was lowered to people clinging to the side of a capsized boat in the first rescue
Laurens County EMS Captain Andy Heiney was known for his professionalism, courage and selflessness
Don Plakon met the Seminole County paramedics who responded to his cardiac arrest call
“When the ER keeps us from another call, you may frolic while I hug the wall. I am there for you.”
Are you genuinely open to changes to the status quo?
Former paramedic Jeremy Cooper faced up to three years in prison after being found guilty of criminally negligent homicide
At least 94 people died after they were given sedatives and restrained by police from 2012 through 2021, according to the Associated Press
The importance of bearing witness to the tragedy we encounter in daily life, and the gifts that these difficult situations sometimes bring
Lake County Assistant Chief/Paramedic Matthew Haerter was on his way to Arizona when a passenger lost consciousness
Sunnyvale has relied on AMR for paramedic service since February