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Texas paramedics save aspiring firefighter in cardiac arrest during training

An 18-year-old Allen High School graduate collapsed while participating in a citizen’s fire academy training

By Bill Carey

ALLEN, Texas — An aspiring firefighter is currently in critical condition after experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest.

During the Citizen’s Fire Academy awards ceremony on May 9, Jakob Perez, 18, collapsed while participating in an agility demonstration at Allen’s Central Fire Station, FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth reported.

Perez ascended to the fourth level of the tower and started to hoist a fire hose when he collapsed. The two paramedics standing nearby immediately responded, quickly recognizing the severity of the situation.

The paramedics administered life-saving interventions, and by the time Perez arrived at the hospital, his pulse had returned.

“They performed all the advanced procedures on the stairwell to the tower. It’s just really amazing what they’re able to do in such a small space and such quick time,” Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd said.

Although still in critical condition in the ICU, Perez is making significant progress in his recovery.

Since the incident, Chief Boyd and other department members have been visiting Perez daily. By Sunday, he was able to speak with them.

“He saw us through the glass as we were walking up, started waving at us,” Boyd said. " I think his first question to me was ‘When can I come back?’ ‘When can I do some more?’”