Off-duty EMT helps kids after school bus flips over

EMT Amanda Turner jumped into action after watching the elementary school bus flip over from just two cars away

By EMS1 Staff

DENTON COUNTY, Texas — An off-duty EMT jumped into action after witnessing a school bus filled with 18 children flip over.

FOX 4 News reported that EMT Amanda Turner, who is studying to become a paramedic, was just two cars away when she saw the elementary school bus flip over.

After witnessing the crash, Turner got out of her car and ran to help treat the injured children.

"The school bus was still on. It was still running. The wheels were still turning,” she said. “So I told her please turn off the engine. I heard the kids screaming in there. That automatically put my attention to them."

Turner said the children began exiting the bus through the back door.

“Everybody's crying. Upset. Scrapes, cuts and bruises everywhere,” she said.

Police said seven children were transported to the hospital with minor injuries and all have been sent home. They added that the crash occurred when the driver overcorrected after the front tires of the bus went off the road.

Turner said she’s glad everyone’s OK, because the incident could have been a lot worse.

“I was very, very grateful that it wasn't anything worse,” she said. “I was glad it was just a couple of cuts on the hands and legs. I was more than happy to put a Band-Aid on a small child and say, ‘You're going to be OK.’ It's built in me. My grandma was a nurse. So I'm here kind of following in her footsteps."


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