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7 burned in Baltimore fire pit blaze

Gasoline was poured into a fire pit after the fire did not ignite as expected


A firetruck door from the Baltimore City Fire Department.

Baltimore Sun photo by Lloyd/TNS

By Dillon Mullan
Baltimore Sun

BALTIMORE — An accident involving a fire pit burned seven people, including two youths, in Southwest Baltimore on Sunday night.

Family and friends were hosting a cultural ceremony in a backyard in the 1600 block of DeSoto Road in the Morrell Park neighborhood, Baltimore City Fire Department spokesperson Kevin Cartwright said, and there was no damage to exterior property.

“The fire apparently did not ignite as they expected to, and one gentleman poured gasoline onto the fire quickly igniting the flames, causing burns to a total of seven individuals,” Cartwright said.

The five adults and two youths were taken to hospitals.

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