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Author Jeremy Norton shares his experiences from the field, fueled by the belief that EMS offers the best way to connect and help vulnerable community members
“Everybody has a book title in them and we’re going to put everybody on the path of becoming authors.”
EMS Attorney David Givot clears up misconceptions about the law and EMS provider rights
Capt. Jeremy Norton shares that EMS is the majority of work firefighters face
“The most useful books that I’ve read from the perspective of practicing medicine are non-medical books.”
Our cohosts tackle the difficult topic of trauma and healthy ways emergency responders can cope with the sometimes overwhelming feelings
A fiction novel from Kelly Grayson pits a paramedic, police officer and a U.S. Marshal against fallen angel
Paramedic Kevin Hazzard recounts the incredible story of the Black men and women who became America’s first paramedics
Kelly Grayson and Greg Friese discuss the importance of clinical accuracy, a narrative arc that connects the patient responses, and author point of view
If your organizational culture creates risks for your agency, here are some change strategies
This week’s photo is from Merced, California, where two Riggs Ambulance Service providers visited and read to a group of elementary students
Police sergeant and EMS educator Brian Casey shares memories of the atmosphere of crisis he experienced as a young EMT
“A lot of people have reached out to me, that I don’t even know, and tell me, ‘My kid loved it,’” said New Castle County Corporal Jessica Mahon
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