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8 EMS-themed children’s books

Next time you select a book for your child, consider these EMS-themed reads


Paramedics: to the Rescue an educational book for older children.

There are many benefits of reading to children at a young age — some even suggest starting at infancy.

But what if you could foster a love of reading along with your love of saving lives with your children? These eight EMS-themed children’s books are equal parts entertaining and educational.

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1. Please Don’t Dance In My Ambulance By Barry Bachenheimer and Mea Amacher

This upbeat book features a little boy with energy to dance everywhere. The rhymes that fuel this book engage your children and encourage participation. Barry Bachenheimer and Mea Amacher explain the importance of the work emergency medical technicians do every day and even give a glimpse into some real treatment scenarios.

2. Frederick the Paramedic By Chris and Nicole Blongiewicz

Paramedics Chris and Nicole Blongiewicz help provide guidance for a child in the event they end up in an emergency situation. Frederick helps Tommie, a skateboarder who forgot the importance of safety equipment before skating. This book helps visualize the techniques and tools an EMT uses.

3. Ambulance in Action By Peter Bently

As the characters in this book respond to a crash, the reader gets to learn about the different components that make up an ambulance, and why each tool EMTs use are important for responding to calls effectively.

4. Ambulances on the Move By Laura Hamilton Waxman

Filled with real pictures of ambulances, beginner-level readers will love this detailed book and simple text. This book highlights very basic vocabulary associated with the EMT profession.

5. Paramedics: to the Rescue By Nancy White

This book is great for older readers who might be interested in the medical field or learning more about what mom or dad does. This book details actual events that require EMS and provides detailed information about what an EMT does on a daily basis.

6. Roscoe the Volunteer EMT By Jeremy Wenning

Rather than only addressing the day-to-day life of an EMT, this book focuses on the requirements before becoming a paramedic. This book also introduces the idea of becoming a volunteer EMT. Roscoe, the main character in this book, impatiently waits to see if he passed his EMT test. He learns the standards EMTs need to meet in order to become licensed. Roscoe also gets to test his skills, in the field, for the first time.

7. Ambulances to the Rescue Around the World By Linda Staniford

Each country has different equipment and techniques to save lives. This book explores how EMT services differ in countries around the world. Children will get to see visuals of the different tools and ambulances across the world.

8. Ambulances (Seedlings) By Kate Riggs

This is a very early level book that familiarizes pre-K aged kids on the different equipment in ambulances and the people that work in this field. A great first step into safety and introducing children to the signs an emergency in the community, like sirens and flashing lights.

This article, originally published in February 2017, has been updated.

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