NY couple thanks EMTs, firefighters who helped deliver baby at home

First responders arrived a few minutes after the 911 call and found the wife going into labor in the car

By John Valenti
The Newsday

DIX HILLS, N.Y. — Blaise Ortiz came into the world in a “blaze of glory” his mother said Tuesday, a day after Dix Hills firefighters and emergency technicians helped deliver the baby boy who couldn’t wait for the hospital.

The couple and new baby met with the members of the Dix Hills Fire Department on Tuesday at Huntington Hospital, thanking them publicly for all their help after the tense and speedy delivery Monday night.

“He came out 1-2-3 and if it wasn’t for the Dix Hills Fire Department and Suffolk police, I don’t know what I would have done,” Tina Marie Ortiz said. “He couldn’t wait to come into the world.”

She said neighbors also helped during those tense minutes, as did a doctor who lives near her home.

Blaise, pronounced “Blaze,” was burning to make his debut, arriving two days before his due date as his parents attempted to drive to the hospital. They were able to get out of the driveway and onto their home’s cul-de-sac.

Ortiz, 34, had gone into labor at her Dix Hills home about 7 p.m. Monday night — and she and her husband, Juan Ortiz, 44, realized they would not make it to the hospital and dialed 911.

“We were about 20 seconds down the driveway and my water broke,” she said. Soon she started to feel that the baby was about to be born.

Minutes later, Suffolk police arrived and then responders from the Dix Hills Fire Department, including EMT Meagan Pereira, 24.

Officials said Dix Hills First Assistant Chief Tom Napolitano, Second Assistant Chief Alan Berkowitz, a paramedic responder and two Dix Hills ambulance crews arrived a few minutes after the 911 call and found the wife still in the car and in “a lot of pain” as the baby was crowning.

Dix Hills Rescue Squad Lt. Pereira “guided the baby out” and held him, Silverman said. Then, he said, paramedic Chris Tremblay suctioned the baby, and Pereira clamped and cut the umbilical cord.

Suffolk County police then provided an escort to the hospital for mother and child.

Blaise, who weighed in at 6 pounds, 10 ounces, was more calm Tuesday as his mother held him, swaddled in a baby blanket and wearing a white knit cap. Pereira held the baby, too, and promised to keep in touch.

“We all worked together, and we got mom and the baby into the ambulance and they are happy and healthy,” Pereira said. “This was my first and I hope not my last, because this was amazing.”

Blaise has an older brother, Massimo, who is 22 months old.

Officials said assisting the driveway delivery call were EMTs Louis Aquino, Thomas Nostramo, Jonna Brady and Martin Levy, as well as drivers Matthew Antretter and Hillary Bogi.

Silverman said the delivery was a first for Berkowitz and Pereira, the second for Tremblay.

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