Drunk woman knocks out EMT with kick to the face

Police said Gloria Gordon kicked the EMT in the face after EMS crews responded to a domestic disturbance call

By EMS1 Staff

KUTZTOWN, Pa. — An EMT was kicked in the head and knocked unconscious after trying to place a violent, drunk woman into an ambulance, according to police.

Reading Eagle reported that officers responded to the residence of Gloria Gordon after a man called and said he was hit by Gordon.

Officers said they could hear yelling when they arrived and found Gordon lying under a car. They said she threatened to harm herself when asked to get up.

Gordon repeatedly banged her head against the ground after being handcuffed. Officers picked her up and restrained her against the wall as she tried to hit and kick them.

When an EMS crew arrived, Gordon was handcuffed to a stretcher and four officers helped paramedics place the gurney in the ambulance, but the officer holding Gordon’s legs lost his grip.

Gordon then allegedly kicked a female EMT in the face, causing her to fall backward and lose consciousness.

Two more ambulances were dispatched after an officer called out a “medic down” call, and Gordon was sedated and transported to the hospital. She was arrested the next morning.

The EMT suffered a concussion and was also transported to the hospital.

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