Pa. EMT accused of sending explicit photos to teen patient

Officials said Joshua Patterson, 21, found the 15-year-old patient on Snapchat and sent her sexually explicit photos of himself


LAWRENCE COUNTY, Pa. — A 21-year-old emergency medical technician was arrested after sending sexual content to an underage girl he had treated after an accident.

According to WPXI, Joshua Patterson was involved in treating a 15-year-old girl involved in an accident.

Lawrence County District Attorney Detectives told WPXI that Patterson took the 15-year-old victim’s information and, following his shift, searched for her on the internet.

Patterson reportedly found her on Snapchat, began conversing with her and then sent her sexually explicit pictures of him.

Police paperwork revealed the following conversation between the two, according to the news outlet:

15-year-old girl: Do you care that I’m only 15?

Patterson: What do you mean by that?

15-year-old girl: My age, silly, you’re older, I’m younger

Patterson: I know you’re 15, what about it?

According to WPXI, Patterson admitted to the claims when questioned by police and told them he knew it was illegal to send the explicit photos.


McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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