Photo of the Week: Paws N Claws patient care with NEMSM

The National EMS Museum will host its first online class teaching pet CPR and first aid through a partnership with Paws N Claws 911

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This week's Photo of the Week comes from the National EMS Museum, which has teamed up with Paws N Claws 911 to teach pet CPR and first aid in the museum's first online class.

The class will be held via Zoom on Oct. 10 and attendees will learn canine and feline CPR and choking management, bleeding control and shock management, vital signs assessment and emergency muzzling and restraint. It will also feature a lecture on pet safety and wellness and medical emergencies such as seizures, bloat and poisoning.

Registration is open for a second Paws N Claws online class with NEMSM on Nov. 15, 2020. 

Photo/National EMS Museum


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