Ice chunk from passing vehicle shatters Mass. ambulance windshield

The crew was transporting a patient at the time of the incident, but no injuries were reported

By Leila Merrill

ARLINGTON, MASS. — The windshield of an ambulance that was transporting a patient on Interstate 93 Saturday was shattered by a big chunk of ice that flew off another vehicle.

Two EMTs and a patient were in the rig, according to a news release from Armstrong Ambulance. The EMS providers were able to safely transport the patient, and there were no injuries.

The rig is out for repairs.
The rig is out for repairs. (Photo/Armstrong Ambulance)

The rig is out of service.

The company filed a report with the state police.

"Following any type of snowstorm or icy weather, it's imperative that drivers remove snow and ice from their vehicles, especially the roofs, as falling ice can cause major damage to other vehicles or serious injury to their occupants," Armstrong CEO Richard Raymond said.

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