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Mich. ambulance crew involved in collision while responding to call

The White Lake Ambulance Authority crew was responding to an unresponsive person when a driver pulled in front of the ambulance, causing a collision


White Lake Ambulance Authority Medic 42

White Lake Ambulance Authority/Facebook

By Bill Carey

MUSKEGON COUNTY, Mich. — An ambulance and sheriff’s deputy’s cruiser collided as they were responding to an unresponsive person.

The White Lake Ambulance Authority rig, with lights and sirens on, was followed by a Muskegon County Sheriff’s deputy when a driver moved into their path, WZZM reports. This led to a collision between the ambulance and the vehicle, causing the deputy’s cruiser to crash into the ambulance.

White Lake Ambulance Authority Director Jonathan Degen said the ambulance is totaled. Degen said no injuries were reported during the collision.

Emergency Services of Muskegon, a public safety apparatus maintenance and repair service, has a replacement ambulance ready. They will transfer the box from the totaled ambulance to a new frame. Repairs will take three to six months, much faster than the two-year wait for a custom ambulance.

You can’t help anyone if you don’t get there safely; always practice defensive driving, especially when you’re responding to an emergency call