EMS Shark Tank: Remle Crowe and Mike Taigman

EMS improvement and research scientists join the podcast to discuss red lights and sirens project

This episode of EMS One-Stop With Rob Lawrence is brought to you by Lexipol, the experts in policy, training, wellness support and grants assistance for first responders and government leaders. To learn more, visit lexipol.com.

In this edition of EMS One-Stop, Host Rob Lawrence welcomes Remle Crowe, PhD; and Mike Taigman to discuss research, improvement science and project implementation. Along the way, they also cover the UCLA Prehospital Care Research Forum, a red lights and sirens project update, and their top research projects.

EMS1 is the premier media partner at the Pinnacle EMS conference, and Rob, Mike and Remle are also part of this year's Pinnacle Shark Tank Innovation Generator pre-conference session. Over the next few weeks, the EMS cast of the Shark Tank will join Rob to discuss their own hot topics. 

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Quick Take: It’s time to flip the switch on hot EMS response

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that the time saved with lights and siren use has little-to-no impact on patient outcomes


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