Paramedic begs for no retaliation after responding to triple homicide

Oakland Fire Department paramedic Mike Scott urged the community to end the violence, adding that he’s “tired of seeing this” after 20 years on the job

By EMS1 Staff

OAKLAND, Calif. — A paramedic who responded to a triple homicide is urging the community to end the violence and not retaliate.

KTVU reported that 20-year veteran Oakland Fire Department paramedic Mike Scott was one of the first to arrive at the scene of a deadly shooting.

When he responded with colleagues, a first responder was tending to one man on the ground, so Scott and his colleagues went to a nearby vehicle where they found two men shot.

“Both guys were shot in the face,” Scott said. “And one of the guys had holes in his chest and shoulder.”

Scott is now asking the community to stop killing each other over nonsense and find another solution.

“Everyone in that neighborhood knows what happened and someone will retaliate,” Scott said on Monday. “I’m asking that they stop the violence.”

Neighborhood resident Yolanda Mesa said her 11-year-old son is now afraid to walk to the store after witnessing the scene, so Scott connected with Mesa and offered to escort her son.

After the triple homicide, Scott responded again to the area to treat a woman who had fainted after witnessing the killings.

He said to the public that if they treated “everyone like they were your Grandma,” the world would be a better place.

“After 20 years of doing this,” Scott said. “I’m tired of seeing this.”


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