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Security tightened after Texas fire, EMS lock box master key is stolen

The master key for the lock boxes attached to thousands of buildings was allegedly stolen by Anthony Kavanaugh, who broke into two medical buildings

By EMS1 Staff

AUSTIN, Texas — A master key used by first responders to access thousands of buildings was stolen and now the city-wide security system must be upgraded.

KVUE reported that a suspect by the name of Anthony Kavanaugh somehow got a hold of a master key used by firefighters and EMS providers to enter buildings after hours in case of emergencies. Kavanaugh has since broken into two medical centers, stealing $30,000 from one and attempting to steal drugs from another.

The fire department said the current security system is still secure, despite the fact that 6,000 Austin buildings will be upgraded after the theft.

“Thirty-four years is a great track record and as we’re moving forward, the opportunity to with newer technologies to help us enhance that system even further,” Austin Fire Department Chief Rob Vires said.

The city also plans to replace the lock boxes inside all fire and EMS vehicles. The total cost for the entire upgrade is $1.8 million.

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