LAX launches new ‘bike medic’ program

The program consists of two medic bike teams that will be able to weave through traffic to reach patients easier

By EMS1 Staff

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles International Airport launched a new “bike medic” program to better treat patients.

SCPR reported that LAX, along with the L.A. Fire Department, created the program that will consist of two medic bike teams that will be used to weave through traffic to get to patients faster. The medics will then determine if a patient needs to be transported to the hospital by ambulance.

"If the fire department doesn't have to send a fire truck or an ambulance, those resources can be used elsewhere," Charles Pannunzio, with LAX, said. "And also, it doesn't impact the traffic."

Bike medics are usually brought in during the holidays to help with the high-traffic. The pilot program to keep them on year-round will be reassessed after six months to determine whether or not it will become permanent.


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