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S.C. county welcomes new paramedics from Australia

6 medics from Australia moved halfway around the world to work in EMS

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Charleston County EMS/Facebook

By Bill Carey

CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. — Charleston County’s newest EMTs move halfway around the world, from Australia, to land a job in EMS.

Unlike the U.S. there are more paramedics in Australia than there are jobs. The six new medics will begin their clinical hours before testing for National Registry certification, WCIV reported.

“Staffing shortages are not unique to Charleston County and we had an opportunity to think outside the box and find qualified workers who want to be paramedics and want the opportunity to work in Charleston County,” EMS Director Dave Abrams said. “We’re excited for this group to join our team and are committed to the success of this new opportunity to recruit from another country.”

The group is expected to be working full-time by the end of June.