New hire announcements raise company profile

Is your agency taking advantage of this easy, repeatable media opportunity?

There’s a simple, repeatable press release/media opportunity that your agency likely is not utilizing: new hire announcements.

We’ve all seen press releases announcing a new chief or executive. So why is it so rare to see a press release for a new EMT or a dispatcher or an entry-level employee when the benefits are so obviously positive?

Workers are your base

When I worked for an ambulance company, I used to speak to the new employee orientation classes to explain my role as PIO and outline the media policies.

At the end of my spiel, I handed out a template for a press release where I invited each new employee to fill in the blanks for their name, certification, years within the industry, and new job title with the company. Within the document I asked the employees to include the ZIP code in which they currently live and the ZIP code where they grew up.

With this information, I would send out a simple, one- or two-paragraph release, along with a photo of the new employee, to business papers and local community newspapers in the ZIP code where the new employee lives. If multiple new employees lived in the same municipality/community newspaper coverage area, I would combine their names and titles in the same release.

Small but positive impact

Don’t be naive about the results. You’ll be lucky to get a one-line mention that says “Joey was hired as customer service rep at company XYZ.” But that one-line mention in a local “on-the-move” section does several things that help your company.

First, it tells anyone who reads it that your company is doing well and growing — otherwise you wouldn’t be hiring. Second, it sends a message to your new employee that you’re proud that they’re part of your team. It will make them a more loyal employee and brand ambassador for you.

Plus, if it’s their first job out of school, their parents will be excited and will cut it out and put it on the fridge.

The same process should be followed to announce increases in certification levels (from EMT to Paramedic or Paramedic to RN), or other title or supervisory promotions.

It’s amazing how a repetitive, ongoing press release put out every other week or once a month could have such a long-term positive effect on how the community and your employees view the company.

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