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Josh Weiss

The PR Medic

Josh Weiss served as the national Director of Public Relations for Rural/Metro Corporation, a leading national provider of private ambulance and fire protection services, and as Director of Communications and Public Affairs for American Traffic Solutions, a national leader in traffic safety cameras. In the past 15 years, Josh has worked with hundreds of external and internal clients including public and private companies in the healthcare and technology industries, government municipalities, police and fire Departments, and community organizations to build positive brands and manage reputations. He now operates 10 to 1 Public Relations.

Prepare your agency for when it becomes the story or a major part the story
Realize the benefits of regular outreach by making positive press releases a routine
The public loves heart-warming stories of EMS reuniting couples and saving lives
Assess any publicity or marketing efforts to ensure congruence to your mission, goals, and audience
A timely, genuine, and respectful approach will defuse the situation and win you support
By making slight tweaks, local media came back every year to cover an ambulance driving demonstration that shared the same core message each time
Trade shows bring together industry reporters from across the nation, and a few simple tricks can help get your company or product noticed
The Pinnacle EMS conference featured about 40 vendors offering up-and-coming products and services for EMS leaders
I’ll root for Cleveland sports teams until the day I die, but EMS agencies don’t always inspire the same public loyalty
You have permission to go behind the scenes of the media outlet you want to cover your agency, so take full advantage of this opportunity