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What’s at the top of your agency’s shopping list?

Our team is packing our bags to head to Indianapolis for FDIC. Are you looking to hit the exhibit hall and make some purchasing decisions? Take our poll and let us know what’s on your shopping list. If you need some tips on what to look for, we have tips on product features and questions to ask vendors in our series of How to buy guides on everything from software, to cardiac monitors and apparatus.

If you’ll be in Indianapolis, come visit us in the Lexipol booth #340!

Can’t make it? We’ve got you covered. Check out our expert analysis from educational sessions and the latest product announcements, as well as videos from the exhibit hall floor.

Ambulances or specialty vehicles

47 %

Body armor and/or BWCs

6 %

Medical monitoring equipment

6 %

Patient handling equipment

6 %


35 %