Training hard and fighting easy: EMS One-Stop With Rob Lawrence

Brian Hupp, director of EMS at the Maury Regional Medical Center, joins the podcast to discuss tabletop MCI exercises

Recent acts of mass violence during active shooter events and other incidents in schools, churches and businesses continue to highlight the need for a multi-pronged strategy for both training and response.

This special EMS1/Lexipol guide outlines lessons identified from past incidents that can direct EMS involvement in pre-planning mass gatherings, improve multi-agency cooperation, and inform incident command and response strategies on the ground: Mass violence: How lessons identified inform training, response

Brian Hupp joins podcast host Rob Lawrence, principal of Robert Lawrence Consulting and chair of the American Ambulance Association and a member of its media rapid response task force, to discuss mass violence training and response.

Brian Hupp is the director of EMS at the Maury Regional Medical Center in Columbia, Tennessee. Brian worked as an independent duty (off-shore) medic for Acadian Ambulance Service and was assistant fire chief with the Mechanicsburg Fire Dept., Ohio, an agency that delivered both fire and EMS Services. Thereafter, Brian moved on to the Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA), where he reached the rank of EMS captain and specialized in incident management team training. Brian then joined Fitch & Associates as a senior consultant before taking his current role in Columbia. Brian is a graduate of the ASM Management program and is pursuing a degree in business.

Read Brian's article on creating an effective tabletop training exercise for pre-planning MCI response, "Training hard and fighting easy," and listen to the podcast below.

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