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Pa. EMS treats more than 100 for heat-related illnesses at concert

Washington County EMS called the crisis a “mass casualty incident,” and 27 concert-goers were transported to the hospital

By EMS1 Staff

Burgettstown, Pa. — While many fans were busy enjoying the music at the Vans Warped Tour Monday, more than 100 people were treated for heat-related illness by emergency medical personnel, and 27 were transported to the hospital with heat injuries.

Washington County EMS called the crisis a “mass casualty incident,” which triggered a response from surrounding-area EMS services to ensure there was adequate care for everyone who needed it.

CBS 2 Pittsburgh reported that ambulances could be seen driving in and out of the concert ground for several hours. One EMS worker guessed that people weren’t aware of the effect the heat would have on them.

“Probably just got by enjoying the concert and didn’t really get a chance to hydrate, hot day, it’s hard,” a member of the Fort Cherry EMS crew said.

The promoter of the concert, Live Nation, set up water cooling stations and set up misters, which fans say helped in the moment. Live Nation also released a statement during the event:

“With temperatures reaching above 90 degrees, during today’s Van Warped Tour at KeyBank Pavilion, we’re taking extra precaution to keep attendees safe from the heat. While only 15 people out of 15,000 total attendees have needed medical transport due to heat-related conditions, our on-site medical services team is coordinating directly with the Washington County Emergency Services to ensure all attendees are taken care of throughout the day. The venue also has missing stations in its plazas and free water stations available to all fans to help them beat the heat and stay hydrated as they enjoy performances throughout the day.”

Officials said all fans who were transported for heat-related issues have been released from area hospitals.