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LODD: Pa. paramedic laid to rest after battle with COVID-19

Brian Tarabori is survived by two daughters and his wife, who also has been sick


Image/Coudersport Volunteer Fire Department

Duty Death: Brian Tarabori - [Wellsboro]

End of Service: 12/12/2021

By Leila Merrill

WELLSBORO, Pa. — Paramedic Brian Tarabori was laid to rest on Dec. 15 after being in an ICU fighting COVID-19 for two weeks, WENY reported.

Tarabori joined Soldiers and Sailors Hospital as a paramedic in 1991, according to the Home Page Network. Before that, he was a member of the Goodyear Hose Company and Gale Hose Ambulance.

The paramedic contracted COVID-19 while on duty and died on Dec. 12.

On Dec. 15, Wellsboro ALS held a procession in honor of Tarabori. Friends, family members and co-workers gathered at the Wellsboro Fire Department Annex, went to the Williamsport Hospital, returned to Wellsboro, and brought Tarabori back to his home in Galeton, where they laid him to rest.[0]=AZVBekq7rRvjiHExSJbVEI3PlVzelGOCEO3w3RuaIGbk3pmf8rfW79Sf25U-5NubXMhbDsZS1uThgYO7jFYd15VxVwoKfnNBmK3HglGT56CiOIIRRkGQTx_fNmZmqMvKDZY&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Tarabori is survived by his wife, who also has been fighting COVID-19, and two children, according to a gofundme account set up to help the family.

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