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Mo. paramedic dies after collapsing while on duty

Adair County Ambulance District Paramedic Adam Bruner, 47, served with the district for seven years and was a past EMS director

Duty Death: Adam Bruner - [Adair County]

End of Service: 18/04/2021

By Laura French

ADAIR COUNTY, Mo. — A Missouri paramedic died on Sunday after collapsing while on duty.

A processional was held Sunday evening in honor of Adair County Ambulance District Paramedic Adam Bruner, 47, who had served with the ambulance district for seven years, according to KTVO. Bruner’s body was escorted to Kansas City so his organs could be donated.

According to Scotland County Ambulance, Bruner was also a past EMS director in Scotland County. Air Evac EMS, Inc., in Bruner’s hometown of Kirksville, stated that he worked in several capacities as a member of Air Evac 38.[0]=AZUyZApFZo6RbwHTGbD2Wz7nc9oEIO3gq4zdVxal5zZ6hym0EwE7tzh-In5zngvSsGJvLlIFREs7vtvDlpLykud3BgWHnM16WObPQCHZpzBB_ehD6eYJ7ZMNCT-qbz4jc0sZ5Yfnu4vLrPnIGRvkabfc&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZVUSIz515YsPC2K5E_9EwALD0r4NyZiSoXRP0fl2SoAZey3ytwxLWQ9yHGOolLqTz5YJxtnEBIz-N0eq2VZJJ8MUjAbLWiOA7IZfzqZxhtttg6Jo-B9aL5VujKG7Euf1hO4nl6u2c6a4KBvtry1jQmm&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Several first responder agencies from across the state shared their condolences on social media.

“He gave his life in service to his community,” the Eastern Randolph County Fire Protection District wrote on Facebook.

“Adair County lost a true hero,” the Macon County Sheriff’s Office posted.[0]=AZVbPdjghSFwRXQqVkEuaMPY41cP1xP7sQBo3Vi9AGnG7tpiMknzHXslK-_euo5Uy3C7eVEPz3XSpb-88LilH7vjB6d26h2__Cfj5GjYpnaY6GPBwYzPhWC23vabFaieSo_EOhs8WWkkxRLurqa5S45R&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R[0]=AZVOWeeEKtu5Ki1BU3RmUmwDcVO6gOwY7k6uC1l79UFBleDtbQmDWxx8tiqcgfWihnmKXo1fmee7iFfU_on0BQzqF5GKWRNCImNN-v35Fesu8XdXp9CGYtNz_Wbae8LLZ6pcUHTMv0gT4LusY_2PK0sv&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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