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Va. EMS executive released after arrest in Turks and Caicos for ammo possession

Tyler Wenrich, VP of operations at Emergency Services Solutions Inc. had spent three weeks in prison

By Bill Carey

LOUISA COUNTY, Va. — A high-ranking official at an EMS agency based out of Virginia was sentenced to three weeks in jail and fined $9,000 after ammunition was discovered in his bag during a trip to Turks and Caicos.

Since Tyler Wenrich had already served three weeks in custody, the court recognized it as time served, completing his prison sentence, WTVR reported.

Wenrich is the vice president of operations at Emergency Services Solutions Inc., an EMS agency that staffs rural 911 jurisdictions ambulances since 2001, according to the company’s CEO and President, Blanton Marchese. ESS staffs more than 150 EMTs and paramedics, and Wenrich is responsible for the daily operations.

“We ended up having to be at immigration for a while because the cruise line didn’t stamp Tyler’s passport, but we are so happy and so elated that we can actually go home now,” Wenrich’s wife Jeriannsaid. “It has just been very highs and lows all morning.”

Turks and Caicos has strict gun laws, with a potential 12-year mandatory minimum sentence for anyone found in possession of a firearm or ammunition.

In recent months, five Americans have been arrested for having small amounts of ammunition in their luggage.