Detroit EMTs charged with assaulting man in back of ambulance

The plaintiff accused the two EMTs of hitting him while he was having a seizure

DETROIT — Two EMTs were charged with assault after allegedly hitting a man in the back of their ambulance as he was having a seizure in August.

Romaine Robinson, 36, said he doesn’t remember much of what happened, but he woke up in the hospital with a black eye and several cuts and bruises on his body, FOX 2 reported.

Robinson’s daughter said when the two EMTs picked up her father, she was looking out the window and all she saw was the ambulance rocking back and forth as she heard her father scream for help.

EMTs Byron Beales, 37 and Brian Bachynski, 25, were charged Thursday with assaulting the man, and were suspended without pay.

"Once the Department was notified of the charges filed against the two medics, both were immediately placed on leave, without pay, pending the outcome of their case," Detroit EMS Chief Sean Larkin said.

Robinson’s attorney, Mike Morse, said he plans to file a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit.

"This is a shocking story. Two trusted EMT personnel come out to the home from the city and beat this man senseless, unconscious basically," Morse said.

Beales and Bachynski are due back in court next month.

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