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Cultivating engaged high performers

Are you genuinely open to changes to the status quo?

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When EMS leaders express their desire to have an engaged team of high performers, a closer examination often reveals a stark contrast between what they say and what they truly want. Typically, leaders emphasize wanting their team members to have traits such as:

  • Doing what they are told with enthusiasm
  • Following policies and procedures
  • Being willing to pitch in when needed

They believe that these qualities are what make up an ideal team.

However, a deeper exploration reveals that those traits are in the realm of compliance and true engagement shows up differently in reality.

Engaged team members exhibit characteristics that surpass compliance. They are driven by curiosity, questioning why things are done a certain way and offering innovative suggestions for improvement. They challenge the status quo, craving involvement in decision-making processes and seeking opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways. They value inclusivity, active participation in the process and honest feedback based on their experiences.

Reflect on the qualities outlined in the paragraph above. Are you genuinely open to fostering a team that behaves that way?

Achieving an engaged team of high performers requires a paradigm shift in leadership. It demands leaders embrace being open to criticism, welcoming the questioning of their ideas and assumptions. It requires a willingness to give up control and the comfort of the familiar for the pursuit of new possibilities, inviting collaboration in decision-making and explaining choices. It entails a commitment to personal growth and continuous learning.

Engaged, high-performing individuals raise the bar for organizations, challenging both their peers and superiors to rise to the occasion. The pivotal question then becomes: are you open to this shift, or are you inadvertently obstructing progress?

Organizations that fail to adapt to the needs of high performers risk losing them. These individuals seek environments that provide avenues for personal and professional development. They thrive on challenges and actively seek opportunities to stretch themselves.

In essence, the path to creating an engaged team of high performers begins with a fundamental shift in leadership mindset – one that welcomes questioning, fosters collaboration and prioritizes continuous learning. Embrace this paradigm shift and watch as your organization flourishes to become a magnet for highly engaged people.


Lisa Giruzzi is the co-host of the EMS Leadership Summit, and co-founder of the EMS Leadership Academy, an organization that provides leadership resources for EMS providers worldwide to address the difficulties they are facing on a daily basis and create magnetic, thriving, sustainable organizations. Lisa has been a business and life coach for more than 25 years and specializes in causing breakthrough results for clients by giving them access to a whole new level of power and performance. Learn more at and