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Las Vegas shooting survivor uses her truck to transport victims

Lindsay Padgett and her fiancé loaded her truck with five wounded victims and five others who were treating them

By EMS1 Staff

LAS VEGAS — A survivor of the fatal shooting at a country music festival in Las Vegas used her truck to help transport wounded victims to the hospital.

ABC News reported that Lindsay Padgett, 29, ran to get her truck with her fiancé, Mike Jay, as soon as the sounds of the gunshots subsided.

“We realized there were people everywhere that needed help and on stretchers ... People saw that we had a truck, so we said ‘Fine, yeah,’ and started to pack everyone in.” Padgett said.

The couple loaded five victims and five people who were treating them into the back of her truck.

“We were just trying to get people to the hospital. We got halfway there and as we were getting on the freeway, we saw an ambulance stopped, so we went over and they started taking the most critical people and putting them in the ambulance,” Padgett said.

One of the men paramedics took out of her truck had been shot in the back and died. Padgett followed the ambulance with the rest of the injured people, including one man who had been shot in the chest and a woman who had been shot in the leg.

Jay helped the victims into the hospital before the couple went to check on their family who had been at the concert as well, according to Padgett.

“We were ready to go back and get more people, but my cousin called me because they were scared. My cousin was locked inside the MGM and they heard screaming, so we went there to get my cousin and my family,” Padgett said.

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