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Detroit FFs under investigation for failing to respond to call due to paperwork

The fire department is investigating to see if the crew of Engine 1 violated policy by not responding to a crash two blocks away

By Bill Carey

DETROIT — An investigation is underway to learn why a Detroit Fire Department engine company refused to respond to a motor vehicle accident two blocks away from their firehouse.

Engine 1 was dispatched to the 111 block of West Montcalm Street near The Fillmore theater after an SUV crashed into the theater on Nov. 27, WDIV reported. The distance between the firehouse and the theater is .02 miles.

The crew of Engine 1 reportedly turned down the call, and a crew more than three miles away had to respond.

The crew was reportedly still doing paperwork from an earlier run. The fire department said that paperwork is completed at the run they are on before they leave.

The fire department confirmed that the driver suffered some injuries; the extent of those injuries is unknown. WDIV reported that police and EMS arrived within a few minutes and fire apparatus arrived in 10 minutes.

The department stated that an investigation is underway, and if this crew violated policy, it will be addressed.