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Hurricane Katrina

Reflections from New Orleans medics who remember what it was like to work in one of the largest disaster medical response efforts in Louisiana history
No social groups are immune to disaster, but social issues may well facilitate or impede the ability to recover from disaster
Investigators found that hospital admissions to Tulane Medical Center for heart attacks increased in the 10 years after Katrina. (AP Photo)
On 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina paramedic and EMS director recalls responding and helping people
For the dispatchers it’s the sound of fear turning into panic that has been impossible to forget
Remembering the aftermath of the storm brings back the emotions of those days and affirms my pride in being part of EMS
Bill Brown, former NREMT director, was in New Orleans for EMS World when Katrina struck; he decided to stay and help
On the 10th anniversary of two devastating hurricanes the American Ambulance Association honors the national EMS response and thanks providers