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Infographic: 9 symptoms and solutions for overexertion in EMTs

Overexertion is a major issue for EMTs – refer to this infographic to identify these serious warning signs.

Overexertion is a result of exercising too intensely, continuously being thrown into situations where your adrenaline spikes, or being overworked and stretched too thin. Whether your muscles are stressed or your mind is stressed, it’s important to spot your overexertion, and deal with it.

The Department of Labor took a look into EMS personnel to understand their risk of injury. The DOL was trying to solve why work-related injury and fatality rates among US paramedics and EMTs are higher than the national average for all occupations. The results yielded some startling information: the most common source of injury and fatality was overexertion (56 percent of all reported cases). Overexertion is a very real issue.


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Print this graphic and tape it somewhere visible. Make it a constant reminder to take care of yourself. The longer your body experiences unhealed overexertion, the more damage you’re doing to yourself.

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