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I encourage EMS leaders to start local Be SMART Public Safety Task Forces to educate families about safe gun storage
Oscar Monterossa served in the U.S. Army for four years as a combat medic, but it was the Route 91 Harvest music festival shooting where the paramedic felt most vulnerable
What are the potential public policy, legislation, social service and healthcare actions fire/EMS providers should advocate to prevent mass shootings?
Firefighters at Roseville Fire Department Station 5 heard gunfire and brought a wounded highway patrol officer into the station
“Our guys felt like they didn’t exist,” said Chief Matt Hallock. “I have several paramedics who aren’t back to work, and I don’t know if they will come back”
“While I was taking the call, tears were coming down my face,” said Teri Clark, an assistant operations manager at the Orleans Parish Communications District
Following the shots, the Med Express Ambulance employees noticed a man on a bicycle hit the ground, and made a U-turn to render aid
Bullets hit the EMS providers’ vehicle before police arrested the suspect and transported him to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation
An ACS panel’s recommendations include background checks, firearm education and training, safe storage, red flag laws, and addressing mental health issues
No one was hurt in the incident, and the ambulance was found afterward
Charges are pending against the suspect, who reportedly shot the 25-year-old EMT in the ambulance
“This guy was 1,000% about to shoot us. I’m still shocked that he didn’t,” one of the EMS providers said
Gaige Grosskreutz, trained as a paramedic, went to Kenosha, Wis. on the third night of 2020 protests to provide medical assistance to anyone injured in the demonstrations
Michael S. Spence, 28, is facing numerous charges in two cases, including aggravated assault, terroristic threats and reckless endangerment
An armed suspect pointed his gun at an EMT and forced a firefighter from the ambulance