Neighbors team up to dig out Denver Health ambulance stuck in snow

Denver Fire Capt. Greg Pixley said first responders didn't even have to ask for help before the good Samaritans began clearing a path

By Laura French

DENVER — A group of Denver residents whose neighbor was in need of medical care teamed up to dig out an ambulance that was stuck in the snow Sunday. 

Denver Health paramedics and the Denver Fire Department responded to the call, but the Denver Health rig was unable to get past the deep snow after a blizzard, according to NBC 12. Neighbor Deepan Dutta saw that firefighters and paramedics were trying to shovel out the rig, and soon he and several other neighbors showed up with their own shovels and snowblowers to lend a helping hand. 

Fire Capt. Greg Pixley said the first responders hadn't even asked for help before the neighbors started to clear a path. 

"That is profound and I think it's beautiful," Pixley told NBC 12. 

After a matter of minutes, paramedics were able to access the patient and transport him, and he is reportedly doing OK. 

"Thanks Stoney Brook neighborhood, you define what it means to be a Denver neighbor!" the Denver Fire Department posted on Facebook. 


Yesterday, while working during the Spring Blizzard of 2021, #DFD Engine Co. #13 responded to a medial call near...

Posted by Denver Fire Department on Monday, March 15, 2021


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