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Flight paramedic hurt in crash ready to return to work

Miles Weske is set to return to work Jan. 1 and also has plans to marry his fiancée


Miles Weske.


By EMS1 Staff

ALEXANDRIA, Minn. — A flight paramedic who was critically hurt in a medical helicopter crash in September is on the road the recovery.

Duluth News Tribune reported that Miles Weske was released from the hospital Nov. 18 and is set to return to work Jan. 1. He’s also getting married to his fiancée, Brooklyn Weber, Jan. 28.

“It really is a new chapter of my life being home with Brook and the kids,” Weske said. “All of those in the hospital that cared for me were critical parts of my recovery, but I think that it took me actually being home to get the motivated to get out and bed and work hard to get back to as normal as I can be.”

Three months ago, Weske was in the back seat of a helicopter when it crashed north of the Alexandria Municipal Airport. The helicopter was en route to pick up a patient before poor weather forced a landing at the airport.

Pilot Joshua Jones, 47, and flight nurse Scott Scepaniak, 44, were also in the helicopter. They were both in serious condition, but were later released from the hospital.

“I have realized the impact that EMS workers and hospital personnel have on the medical care of patients,” Weske said. “Being on this side of things definitely makes me take time to look at everyone who is involved in the collaborative effort of patient care. I wouldn’t be here without the help of each person that was present that night.”

Weske said he won’t be in a helicopter in the near future, but that he’s excited to return to work.

“I am a paramedic. I always will be and I want to get back in that helicopter as soon as I can.”