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Mich. paramedic’s house destroyed by fire

The paramedic’s niece, her husband and baby were at home when the fire broke out; they all escaped unharmed


Rich Keizer’s house.


By EMS1 Staff

ROCKFORD, Mich. — A paramedic’s house was destroyed in a fire Saturday night. reported that Rockford Ambulance paramedic Rich Keizer got a text from a colleague about the fire.

“What’s your address?” the text said. “I’m like, ‘138 Oak Street’,” Keizer said. “And my very next thing was going to be like, ‘Is something happening in the neighborhood?’”

Keizer said he was concerned about the family living with him – his niece, her husband and their baby. They were home at the time of the fire, but escaped unharmed.

Keizer said his niece’s husband saw a flicker outside a basement window; a cigarette butt was in a canister. Before he could grab a hose to put out the fire, it grew out of control and spread to the house next door. The neighbor’s home belongs to a nurse.

“This could’ve so quickly turned into an injury or a death,” Keizer said.

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