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Video: 6 DCFEMS members placed on leave after physical fight on scene

“The actions depicting in a video of the incident are completely unacceptable,” department officials said in a statement


By Leila Merrill

WASHINGTON — Six D.C. Fire and EMS employees were placed on administrative leave after what the department called “an altercation on the scene of a response,” WJLA reported Wednesday.

A cellphone video captured multiple employees engaging in a physical altercation with someone on a sidewalk.

DCFEMS rereleased the following statement:

“The DC Fire and EMS Department is aware of an incident that took place on the evening of April 25th in which several members of the department were engaged in an altercation on the scene of a response. Six personnel involved are on administrative leave while DC Fire and EMS conduct a joint investigation with the DC Metropolitan Police Department. The actions depicting in a video of the incident are completely unacceptable and do not reflect the behavior we require of our members.”

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