Firefighters protest FDNY EMT’s promotion to firefighter

Vulcan Society firefighters called on the mayor to delay Joseph Cassano’s promotion due to his previous racist tweet scandal

By EMS1 Staff

NEW YORK — Firefighters protested the promotion of an FDNY EMT who previously resigned from his position after a series of racist and sexist tweets were uncovered.

NY Daily News reported that over a dozen Vulcan Society firefighters called on the mayor to delay EMT Joseph Cassano’s promotion.

“Cassano has not in any way shown he can be a New York City firefighter,” Vulcan Society president Regina Wilson said. “He didn’t show any love for the community when he had five months on the job as an EMT — and as a firefighter, we respond to the same type of calls.”

Borough President Eric Adams said the process behind Cassano getting back on the force was “manipulated and orchestrated,” and that the mayor didn’t know the “whole story.”

“He’s never really been held accountable for his actions,” Adams said. “Instead of a punishment, he’s getting a promotion.”

In 2013, Cassano created a scandal with a series of racist and sexist tweets.

“I like Jews about as much as Hitler #toofar? NOPE,” one tweet read.

Cassano said he has seen the error of his ways after undergoing counseling.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said he supports giving Cassano a second chance.

“I believe in redemption,” he said.

“Shame on the mayor for saying Cassano deserves 'redemption' but won't stand up and call out the bigotry and racism within the FDNY and the EMT civilian promotions ... I am calling on Commissioner Nigro and Mayor de Blasio to halt the entrance of Joe Cassano into the Fire Department Academy,” Bronx City Councilmember Andy King said.

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