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Texas cardiac patient killed, FF burned after oxygen tank explodes

“I’ve been here 30 years, and I’ve never had this happen,” said Captain Jon Moore with the Mesquite Fire Department


By Leila Merrill

MESQUITE, Texas — A man was killed and a firefighter sustained burns Tuesday night at an apartment complex after an oxygen tank exploded, according to fire officials quoted by WFAA.

Firefighters were responding to a report of cardiac arrest and were performing CPR. They were attempting to administer oxygen from a tank when crew members saw a flash and the apartment caught fire, officials said.

“Somehow, still under investigation, the room flashed. We believe possibly due to the oxygen bottle,” Captain Jon Moore with the Mesquite Fire Department told Fox 4. “We had crews actually injured and were trying to get the patient out. I’ve been here 30 years, and I’ve never had this happen. I’ve never seen this happen.”

Members on scene were not wearing fire gear and attempted to take the patient with them as they evacuated, but were unable to do so, WFAA reported. Once outside and after donning safety equipment, firefighters were not able to reenter the apartment as the fire had spread.

One firefighter sustained second-degree burns to his hands. He was treated at a hospital and released.

Nine Mesquite units responded to the blaze, and Dallas-Fire Rescue assisted by sending four units.

The incident is under investigation.

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