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Patient killed, 2 injured after ambulance collides with semi

The elderly man was being transported from the hospital to his home when the ambulance collided with a tractor trailer in white-out conditions


BUFFALO, N.Y. — An elderly man being transported home from the hospital in a Rural/Metro ambulance suffered fatal injuries after the ambulance collided head-on with a tractor trailer in whiteout conditions.

Police told WGRZ that they believe the Tuesday afternoon collision was weather-related.

Joseph Sangbush, 85, was killed in the collision. The EMT who was in the patient care compartment was injured. The truck driver, Canada resident Rubiann Kerkhof was taken to a hospital with major head trauma, reported WIVB.

“From what I understand, Rural/Metro was doing a home transport, and it did have a patient in the ambulance that was being transported from hospital to home,” Jack Hazard, assistant fire chief of North Evans Fire Company, said.

The police investigation is continuing.