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2 R.I. EMTs’ licenses suspended after patient dies

Court documents allege that the providers failed to follow protocols when treating a man found lying against a snowbank



By Leila Merrill

PAWTUCKET, R.I. — Two Pawtucket EMTs’ licenses were suspended after a patient died. WLNE reported that court documents allege that EMTs Terrence O’Neil and Michael Garcia failed to follow protocols on a Jan. 30 call.

The patient was found lying against a snowbank that night.

The documents state that both EMTs failed to adhere to more than 10 routine patient care protocols such as pain assessment, recording vital signs, altered mental status and patients who refuse care or transport.

The documents also say that both EMTs later lied about their interaction with the man in the reports.

O’Neil’s license was suspended for 90 days, and Garcia’s license was suspended for 30 days. After those terms, both will face a 12-month probation in which they are required to complete training and show proficiency in patient care in order to keep their licenses.

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