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Video: NYC EMT reunited with family after 103 days

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital EMT Pat McNulty surprised his children after staying separated to protect them from COVID-19 exposure

By Laura French

NEW YORK — A New York City EMT surprised his children in an emotional reunion after being separated from them for 103 days during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pat McNulty, who worked as an EMT for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, according to his LinkedIn page, made the decision with his wife Abby to protect his family from COVID-19 exposure by having them move 160 miles away to stay with relatives in Rhode Island, ABC World News Tonight reported.

During the separation, McNulty had to celebrate his daughter Ivy’s 8th birthday over a video call, and his wife said their youngest child Callum would cry every night because he missed his father.

McNulty decided to surprise his children shortly before his own birthday, and the reunion was captured on video.

See the family’s story below: