Firefighters, paramedics fight back fire to save woman who just gave birth

Heather Roebuck said goodbye to her newborn daughter as she was evacuated by ambulance after a C-section, only to have the ambulance catch fire

BUTTE CO., Calif. — An ambulance that was evacuating a woman after giving birth caught on fire, forcing the paramedics to seek shelter at a nearby house.

ABC 7 reported that Heather Roebuck had just finished giving birth via C-section when flames from the Camp fire forced and evacuation for patients at the Feather River Hospital in Paradise, California.

“It was sheer terror,” she said. “They just stitched me up really quickly.”

With her husband looking after her newborn and other children, Roebuck was taken away by ambulance, only to have the ambulance catch on fire, forcing her and other patients out into elements.

“I realized that I’m not going to make it,” Roebuck said. “I just told him (my husband) on the phone that I was really sorry and that I loved him, and that I wasn’t going to be there with our kids.”

A pediatrician was able to herd Roebuck and the other patients to a nearby home, where paramedics and firefighters fought against the flames to keep them safe.

Roebuck calls her daughter, Hallie, a “miracle baby.”

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