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Video: Super Bowl ad highlights first responders

The commercial, called “Answering the Call,” reminded viewers to “remember the first responders who keep us safe every day”

By EMS1 Staff

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. — Verizon’s Super Bowl commercial thanked first responders for their service with the help of a celebrity.

Ad Age reported that Verizon’s “Answering the Call” commercial used images of first responders making heroic rescues to remind us to “remember the first responders who keep us safe every day.”

“We scoured news articles, TV video from the last 30 years and then we recorded the conversation between first responder and the victim,” Verizon Chief Marketing Officer Diego Scott said. “The stories are tremendously powerful. For us, there is no better message to reinforce the reliability of the Verizon network.”

One call features a woman thanking a firefighter who saved her from a fire in her apartment building.

“I was pregnant,” the woman said. “She is now four.”

Verizon senior VP and chief creative officer said all of the calls recorded occurred in the last six months.

The commercial ended by inviting people to donate to Verizon’s, and the proceeds will be matched by Verizon and donated to the Red Cross to help disaster victims.

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