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Air Vacuum Corporation Shows Innovation in Exhaust Removal

Air Vacuum Corporation is the first manufacturer of exhaust removal systems to offer both vertical and horizontal air flows for the removal of diesel apparatus exhaust. The AIRVAC 911 exhaust removal system now allows fire departments to custom tailor air flows to address interior bay configurations and stop the migration of apparatus exhaust into offices, living areas and communication centers from exhaust backwash. Not only does the AIRVAC 911 system remove both carcinogenic gasses and particulates automatically, but no personnel intervention is required to operate the system allowing firefighters to respond to incidents quicker and more efficiently than “older” hose type products. For a free proposal contact the Air Vacuum Corporation at or 800-540-7264.

About Air Vacuum Corporation:
Air Vacuum Corp. is the world leader in engine exhaust removal via the attachment-free and fully automated air filtration system, the AIR VAC 911(r). Air Vac has been the innovator and setting the standards within the exhaust-removal industry for more than a decade. The AIR VAC 911 System does not require any hoses and meets 2007 NFPA 1500, EPA, OSHA, IBOCA and FEMA standards. Free proposals and Fire Act grant assistance available.